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COVID-19 made L&H Insurers and Reinsurers understand that "Where?" is a key question in analyzing epidemiological risk

The world's first high-resolution epidemiological Geo-spatial API is Blue Cape's solution to address the need

Technology And Disease API

We provide highly accurate highly detailed data on the risk from high-impact diseases through a cloud based API.


Real Understanding In The Palm Of Your Hands


Improve Your Pricing Assessment On In-force Block Transactions


Underwriting Decision Support Tool


Improved Reserve Calculation

Get in touch with us and we can discuss how our data can improve performance for your business





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Prof. Itamar Grotto

International Public Health Physician and Professor of Epidemiology

Former Member of the World Health Organization Executive Board

“Blue Cape has the ability to analyze epidemiological data in a novel way, which will allow people, companies and governments to a much better extent understand and respond to increased risk of infection in a certain area."

Dr Eran Kopel

Senior Lecturer

Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine Department, School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

"I believe that  Blue Capes API  can provide a desired alternative of an informative, simple to use, essential tool for high risk cohorts to avoid health hazards in our rapidly ever-changing world's health events and conditions"
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